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Additionally, if you have earned enough points canisse promotion to receive more than one asos A-list Voucher, you will only receive one asos A-list Voucher.
You are subject to a cap of 3,000 Cleared Voucher Points in any one month and you will receive a notification, via your asos A-list dashboard, when you have accrued 3,000 Cleared Voucher Points or more.
Asos also offers free worldwide delivery (conditions apply) so it can be a great idea to choose a gift you want to send abroad from here.
Selon la presse brésilienne, le produit utilisé a pu servir à masquer une substance interdite.We will not refund money to you in these circumstances).We are registered in England and Wales under company number and we have our registered office at Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London, England NW1 7FB.Once you have accrued enough Level Points to take you to the next level, we will automatically move you.Missguided a try or have a peek in the sales.

When an eligible order is made, the six-month time frame resets from when that order is classed as completed.
If you have previously opted out of receiving email communications from asos prior to joining asos A-list you will not receive any emails in relation to asos A-list.
Your Voucher Points will be classed as pending for 28 days after completing a purchase (the ' Returns Period and then will 'clear' and be added to your Cleared Voucher Points on the 29th day provided asos receives the total payment for that purchase and.
You understand and agree that asos may use data from your asos account, in accordance with our Privacy Cookies Policy, for the purposes of analysis and so that specific recommendations and offers may be made to you.
If you opt out of asos A-list or you close your asos account, all voucher points and Level Points will be removed from your account and you will lose your asos A-list level status.Each Level will give you access to greater rewards, as notified to you from time to time, which might include discounts, entry to competitions, prize draws and bonus points days.Asos A-list vouchers.Cleared voucher points will be reset to 0 if an eligible order is not made in six months.If it is, we will deduct the equivalent number of Cleared Voucher Points and Level Points to reflect any returns made.

If you qualify for participation in asos A-list, you will be automatically enrolled in this loyalty programme when you place a Qualifying Purchase (see clause 10) after the asos A-list launch date.
Where an asos A-list Voucher was used as part payment we may refund you partly in asos A-list Vouchers and partly by way of money (in the same amounts) of what you originally paid.