When we arrived at the station it was a beautiful day warm, sun shining almost a late summer day rather than an onset of Autumn day. .
From there I asked Gary to send them to Anne in Versailles as she really ought to have them he did, but for some reason they were returned to me in the UK marked addressee unknown. .
Eventually we stopped for a drink and then off to the shops again. .
After a beer or two we chose the flowers and then made our way to the Salon du Livre at the giant livre préparation concours banque de france Geneva Palexpo stadium right by the airport. .
With consummate ease, the professional took over and Anne prompted little things to start the conversation flowing.Not known for our punctuality (and we are now infecting Brigitte as well) we actually sat down to have the coffee when we really should have been at the Archange offices!This time there were hugs, kisses and broad grins.Daily, I rubbed shoulders with the likes of Sir John Gielgud, Louis Jordan, Michael York, Jenny Agutter and Stephanie Beecham.We were late, having missed the earlier train, and when we started across the platform I was looking for Nadja, never considering for one moment that it would be Anne herself who was waiting to greet.Andrews interest in Micro-Breweries would be well assuaged in the New England area. .

Marie and her delightful 2-year old daughter Irene were the first to arrive. .
For many years now, I have been visiting Anna N in Paris regularly. .
I finally spotted her - remember, she is tiny and everyone getting off the train that day was definitely over 6 feet tall!Nevertheless, the omelette arrived and I have to tell you it was delicious.Even Dan and Andrew did not feel left out that, I think was the true measure of success. .Kontakt na poadatele ZDE.Anne herself wanted them included in the photograph as she was so touched at (what she called) my kindness.In the morning Brigitte came over and we sorted out all the books we were taking over to be signed by Anne. .Then following the clip-clop of footsteps I did hear Hey! .

We also arrived at the time when it seems all the students and schoolchildren had been given some sort of quest or project as they were swarming everywhere clutching clues perhaps they were cracking the Da Vinci code?
It was here that we sent multi-signatured cards to my sister and to the two Parisiennes Anna and Brigitte.