château royal de blois

Charles son, King Louis XII, would soon later regard the moto promo michelin château as his favorite residence which he considered to be his political capital.
After that, it became the place of exile of his widow Marie de Medici after she was exiled from court by King Louis xiii.
It was then occupied by the first Bourbon monarch, King Henry.
King Francis I and the Château, queen Claude asked Francis I to refurbish Château Royal De Blois.
Each room even has its own fireplace.This library is important to the history of France as it served as the core or foundation of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.Also come to discover its museum of the magic and the Sound and light show.CHÂteau royal DE blois, place du Château 41000 Blois, phone.Château Royal de Blois : How the story begins.The château has a staggering number of rooms a total of 564 as well as staircases numbering at 75, although only less than half of that would be used regularly.

It can be found at the epicenter of the French city of Blois.
It was during this period that Francis I began construction of a new area that would be home to one of the periods most significant libraries.
In time, the great library of the château would be moved to Château de Fontainebleau.It served as the residence of King Henry III when he was driven away from Paris at the time of the French Wars of Religion.Autour de la cour, dominée par le majestueux escalier François Ier, se déploie un vrai florilège de l'architecture française, des styles gothique et de la Renaissance jusqu'au Classicisme.The property was then passed on to Charles dOrléans, the son of Louis and Valentina.He initiated a reconstruction and was also responsible for adding Italian gardens to the château.

A unique show, from 21 April to 23 September (except on 21 June and on 13 July).
Several additions to the castles architecture were planned but never came to fruition as it would stand neglected for more than a hundred years.