In the Supernatural episode "Devil May Care" (S09, Ep02), a young hunter, Tracy Bell, wears a short low cut tank top and plaid shirt tied around her naval.
It's just that, well.
Parure De Couette Cette parure comprend 1 housse de couette 240 x 220 cm 2 taies d'oreiller - Composition : 100 coton - Qual.A girl that Spencer meets at Webicon.Justified, as she lives in Hawaii where the climate is very warm.The Desert Sorceresses of Dark Souls II wear what amounts to a black strapless bra, leaving concours cop forum the vast majority of the torso exposed and complete the look with long, black High Class Gloves and Zettai Ryouiki.Annet Myer from El Viento and its sequel Annet Futatabi.In fact, the pirates always hoist him up by his shirt, exposing billet reduction biotropica his belly.Kim Possible Kim did this all throughout her first season, but by the last all of her outfits had changed to avoid this.Dark Chronicle 's Monica can earn costumes such as a Cat Girl bikini (with tiger stripes) ecole du louvre concours or her own Princess gown, which is something out of Arabian Nights.Hinata bares hers in the sixth Shippuuden Movie.On the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, no, not Kimberly, but Trini was the one who bared her midriff the most.Ahiru in Princess Tutu wears a midriff-exposing sweater when she's not in her school uniform although on her it has more of a silly effect than a sexy one.Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors : Almost every female character has a midriff-baring main outfit or DLC outfit Lu Xun is a male example.

So if you find yourself wanting to keep her a Thief despite the availability of statistically-better jobs, well, you're not alone.
Out of the roughly 90 episodes she appeared in, you can probably count on both hands the number of episodes where her tummy is actually covered.
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Paladins has several characters that bare their midriffs, such as Kinessa, Inara, Seris, and Drogoz, who is a Rare Male Example.Dazu zählen zum Beispiel.Rebecca from Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys.Music Many female singers, expecially since The '90s, wear midriff-baring clothes in their Three Minutes of Writhing video clips, including (but not limited to Britney Spears.Ron-in-Kim's-body: Point taken,.The "skin" is actually a latex layer covering a ring of explosives around her midsection.Prime's outfit is of a bra and a skirt, as seen here.Sabrina did this in Sabrina: The Animated Series.

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For that matter, Eri herself.