Serena asks if she's even sick, and CeCe admits that she's not but could be, proving she was lying all along.
That's right, debutante season.
Dan and Lily meet outside, and she confesses all the reasons Dan belongs with Serena and she invites him call her Lily and to come inside.
CeCe assures him that Serena, like Lily, can.Upstairs, Chuck is desperately looking for Blair.Chuck suggests they get him in a public setting and get revenge on him for everything.She bon de reduction voyage carrefour says things aren't the way they were when CeCe was young, and CeCe, seeing Dan, agrees.At the Waldorf's, CeCe gives Dan several reasons as to why he will never end up with Serena, and offending him in every way possible.Jenny replies by saying if Alison was still in Hudson she could.Secret by The Pierces, you're A Wolf by Sea Wolf.Pretty Please by Lissa, concerto in F Minor for Violin by Joshua Bell.After he kisse her blair 6 years ago, what is the name of the song that plays when blair dances with chuck at the ball?Lily: First, you make a fool of the presenter, then start a brawl, what's next Serena, Girls Gone Wild?

He tells her about how he picked up champagne she likes, and offers to take her out for dessert afterwards.
Tanqueray - Lily mentions the gin as a key to CeCe's happiness.
He rushes home to find Dan getting ready.
Roman Holiday, all Episodes » 75,122 watches, blair's father comes home for the holidays with an unexpected guest, his boyfriend Roman.Blair: Yeah, but he died for something date concour infirmier aphp exciting!Lily quickly agrees, worried for her mother's health, and when Serena comes into the room, Lily informs her that she will be going.At the ball, Serena finds out that her mother rewrote her statement behind her back and tells Jenny that Dan isn't coming anymore.Jenny is in the store with Lily and meets her mom.But the night of The Cotillion is the night of Alison's first art opening, and Rufus and Alison tell Jenny that she cannot attend the ball.Serena decides not to go either, so her grandmother, CeCe, shows up to change her mind.CeCe tells Serena she made quite a mess, but the committee is willing to reissue her statement."Hey Upper East Siders, it's that time of year again.Alison that she knows that her coming home has been hard, but doesn't want to lose Jenny.

She offers to buy all of Alison's artwork in exchange for Dan not going to the ball with Serena.
She talks about how the further they get from the breakup, the more she's realizing it was the right choice.
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