Social welfare payments, if your hours of work are reduced so that you are unemployed for at least 4 out of 7 consecutive days you may be entitled to a promos peugeot utilitaires social welfare jobseekers payment.
If not a redundancy situation the other option is that your employer is forcing you without consent to change your contract, known as a unilateral variation.
Working Tax Credit is paid to those who work but who are on coupon de reduction glisshop low income.
Redundancy Redundancy payment If you were made redundant within one year of being put on reduced hours or pay, your redundancy payment would be based on your earnings for a full week.
If you are selected unfairly it could make your redundancy an unfair dismissal, entitling you to make a claim at an Employment Tribunal.If, on the other hand, you never accepted the reduced working hours as your normal hours and continually john lewis vouchers ebay asked to be put back on full-time working, your payment would be based on your normal weekly earnings.It is based on the hours you work and get paid for.The concern with this option is that if you delay in making your claim you may be treated as if you have waived your right and accepted the change.

Your employer can lay you off or put you on short time if it is in your contract of employment or it is custom and practice in your workplace.
There is no particular reason why you had to use your holiday.
This is still a dismissal in law but, provided your reasons are good enough, a tribunal would find a fair dismissal.
You may take up an alternative on a trial basis for up to 4 weeks.
However, just because you dont have a written employment contract it does not mean that there is no employment contract in existence.Unless your employer can prove there was a genuine redundancy situation and that fair procedures were followed, this dismissal may be found to be unfair.Under Section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA) an employer is required to give an employee a written statement of particulars setting out their main terms and conditions of employment.You can refuse to accept the change.Employment contracts are made up of a variety of terms and conditions: there are verbal or written express terms; statutory imposed terms; implied terms which have been created by the courts; and terms which may be incorporated from other documents.However this may affect your entitlement to a redundancy payment.

If your job has become redundant, your employer has certain obligations.