In a statement made to Bloomberg in radin com code promo darty 2013, a spokesman for The Body Shop, which refuses to sell in China on these grounds, said: 'We would love to open stores in China.
When the EU banned cosmetics that had been tested on animals in 2013, there was a collective sigh of relief from pet-lovers everywhere.
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But has it put an end to the practice of mice and rabbits being used for tests to ensure make-up is safe for humans?
Add your, submit your own pictures of this place and show them to the World.Revealed: As a result of the EU's 2013 ban, companies are not permitted to sell cosmetics which have been animal-tested in the EU, but many quietly continue to do so overseas (file photo).Sadly, China is not the only country that imposes such conditions.Birthplace of: John Harbison - Composer, Henry Steel Olcott - Union Army officer, résultat concours greffier c en b Richard Codey - New Jersey State Senator and former Governor of New Jersey, Scott Kelly (astronaut) - Astronaut, Mark Kelly (astronaut) - Astronaut, John Milnor - Mathematician, John Augustine Hartford - Businessman.City:.27.S.:.35 Lead (Pb) g/m3 level in 2008 was.0125.For instance, any cosmetics giant that sells their goods in China must submit them to be tested in Chinese laboratories, where more than 300,000 animals are used each year and welfare laws are notoriously slack.Services: partially wheelchair accessible, enclosed waiting area, public payphones, free short-term parking, call for car rental service, call for taxi service.They say the practice is still taking place abroad because it's an issue of cost, as animal testing can be cheaper and easier than many humane methods.50,000: West Haven, CT (3.2 miles, pop.City:.8.S.:.0 Particulate Matter (PM10) g/m3 level in 2013 was.6.