Pixar's latest production got 33 of its total optical disc sales from the Blu-ray editions: a record for a day-and-date animated title and nine percentage.
Up Blu-ray, Audio Quality Disney has once again paired a striking video transfer with an equally jaw-dropping, exceedingly faithful, and incredibly involving DTS-HD Master Audio.1 surround track.
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Blu-ray review Movie.5 Video.0 Audio.0 Extras.5 Overall.5.5 99 popularity 7135 collections 195 fans Cars Blu-ray, Video Quality Presented in 1080p high definition in the.35:1 aspect ratio on this Blu-ray disc release, Cars looks absolutely marvelous.Typical of the soundtracks for Pixar's releases, the Cars.1 mix was very aggressive, utilizing the rear channels and LFE to full effect.While I certainly won't guarantee you'll adore Up as much as I did, I can safely say the film will be remembered for quite some time.The rear speakers are just as active, injecting enough environmental ambience and aggressive directional effects into the proceedings to make soundfield immersion an absolute cinch.In previous versions, it always looked like a flat red paint, just like his original paint job.Definition is sharp, fine textures are crisp and refined, and artificial nonsense like edge enhancement is MIA.It doesn't just deserve a Best Animated Picture win at the Academy Awards, it deserves a spot amongst the year's Best Picture nominees.As far as I'm concerned, Up is a triumph for all involved.Video Codec: mpeg-4 AVC (23.20 Mbps) Resolution: 1080p Aspect ratio:.39:1 Original aspect ratio:.39:1 Audio English: lpcm.1 (48kHz, 24-bit) English: Dolby Digital.1 English: lpcm.1 (48kHz, 24-bit) English: Dolby Digital.1 (less) Subtitles English SDH English SDH (less) Discs Blu-ray Disc Single disc (1.

Muntz is a complicated, believable antagonist: a washed up icon determined to prove his worth no matter the personal cost.
They provide infectious comic relief, sure, but they also highlight the mystery and wonder of Carl and Russell's jaunt through the jungle.
It takes a lot to turn my head in the middle of a movie, but I found myself laughing maniacally at the sheer complexity and quality of the sound pouring out code reduction viking of my speakers.
It didn't even assault me with the usual warm-n-fuzzies.
This Blu-ray release is the very definition of reference grade.Blu-ray Sales, March 1-7: 2012 Destroys Charts (Update) - March 11, 2010 The Roland Emmerich ultimate disaster movie 2012 was the top-selling title on Blu-ray on the week ended March 7, according to Nielsen VideoScan.When released, 'Cars: Ultimate Cars.Or you can buy all three titles.Animation enthusiasts and videophiles of all ages will be ecstatic with the results.Sony's blockbuster moved over three times as many copies as Warner's Where the Wild Things Are.Logan.00, Save.Where I really noticed the biggest difference between this release and all other versions I've seen, is in the Piston Cup racing scenes and in the scene where Ramone (Cheech Marin) gives Lightning his new paint job.Deals, reviews, releases, top lists, database, community.That's right, you won't find an artifact or band once you depart from the disc's main menu, and noise is non-existent.

I highly recommend this release as a purchase.
To sum it all up, Cars features a well-recorded, well- mixed soundtrack that was beautifully suited to the material at hand.