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Issue 132 February 03, 2011 Fine tuning a bolt-on replacement neck Erick Coleman pulls his old Strat out of mothballs and gives it a new neck.
An official, behind-the-scenes look at the making of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - a behind-the-scenes video that uses music from The Best Night Ever and shows voiceover recording for Bridle Gossip.
How to install a skin banjo head: Dan Erlewine shows his friend Lauren how to remove and replace a natural skin head on this old banjo-uke, or banjolele.Issue 46 October 18, 2007 For ebony streaks, use black fingerboard stain Erick Coleman shows why black fingerboard stain is a standard item in any guitarmaker's shop, including the big name builders.1 Comment Read More Read Less 50OFF Verified 13 hours ago12 People Used Today Fitness Health Sale: Upto 50 Off on Fitness Health Essentials Flat.5 Voucher Rewards From CouponDunia ( What's this?Issue 129 December 23, 2010 Make custom labels for your guitars!Marks been Triggers caretaker for ages, and he gives us the inside scoop on Triggers history.Maegens specialty is building archtop acoustic guitars.Empty." An alternate version of the promo features Spike more prominently and uses the instrumental version of the theme song.Dan Erlewine collected this Trade Secret at their repair shop.Issue 72 October 16, 2008 Money talk: estimating prices for repair work Dan Erlewine shows the steps of inspecting a customer's guitar, and gives advice on repair prices for the work required.Tom's business, Guitar Preservation, makes this a specialty.

Issue 187 March 28, 2013 No-cost tools for shaping Martin guitar bridges Two do-it-yourself tools that I've been using for years to shape the bridges on Martins: I show you how to make one in a jiffy, and there's a free downloadable plan for the.
Issue 48 November 15, 2007 Making a Les Paul clone look more vintage Erick Coleman's finished tweaking a budget-priced Les Paul copy.
Issue 274 November 03, 2016 Patching a hole in a 1953 Telecaster This is an original 1953 Telecaster that someone routed holes.Issue 174 September 27, 2012 Fixing a small chip in your guitar's finish This issue of Trade Secrets is a video: Dan Erlewine demos three of his favorite finish repair tips:.For carving and shaping, he comes up with an easy-to-make jig to hold a neck at just the right working angle.The "Gibsonational" is another story: cdg69 resultats concours atsem this pickguard is nothing but trouble!All wired up, but no sound!The toy version of Celestia differs from the show's depiction of the character with regards to her body color (pink as opposed to white).Issue 226 September 25, 2014 Building upbow into the guitar neck If you turn the truss rod and nothing happens, the trouble could have been built into the neck at the factory.Issue 211 February 27, 2014 Making custom guitar bindings when stock sizes don't fit Replacing a section of this binding from the 1930s requires thicknesses that are no longer available.Guitar repair using kitchen chemicals, trade Secrets visits RetroFret Vintage Instruments in New York to talk guitars and groceries.Issue 131 January 20, 2011 How to bind a fretboard, Gibson-style Erick Coleman's restoring a 1950s Les Paul, and returning the bound fretboard to its original condition.