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Our bon reduction clinique de la planche eyes are supposed to see the distribution as a promo réduction faller seamless, unified shape rather than as a bunch of distinct bars.
In the drop-down menu, select Format Data Series.By default, Excel spaces the bars 150 apart from each other.Gap Width is a jargony name that simply refers to the size of the spacing or gap in between the columns. .Choose one width and make sure everyone on your team formats their graphs accordingly.If you set this to zero, the gaps will disappear.

Note that this may appear differently depending on the version of Excel that you are using, but the setting should concours pour gagner des jouets still be available and should still work correctly.
Essential Skills Lesson 5-7 Manually format a chart element.
Reduce the Gap Width from 150 to 30-50 for regular bar charts and from 150 to 5-15 for histograms.Heres how: Step. .If each bar is 1 centimeter wide, then the space between the bars will.5 centimeters wide.Right-click on any of the colored bars.This huge space looks odd in a regular bar chart and horrible in a histogram.Reduce the Gap Width.You carefully formatted your histogram: you removed the border, lightened the grid lines, wrote a descriptive title and subtitle, selected customized RGB color codes, and called attention to a section of the graph with the saturated action color but your chart still looks weird because the bars.

Lets pretend youre graphing age distributions for a given county.
For more information about formatting the different parts of charts, see.