And now he thinks he's going to plumb this land for all that it's worth and cut me out?!
Completion Alexi holds Weldon's head up to his face and begins speaking.
Your greed is only surpassed by my own!
Patch changes, external links).Find my brother, Alexi, and serve him a notice of termination!Rewards, you will receive:1 54 (or if completed at code promo frais de port gratuit stand prive level 100 progress.Has my brother been served the notice of termination yet?Objectives, location, description, i was a fool to trust him after the fiasco over the Barov family fortune!My peasant friend, you must do me this service.

Here are your just rewards!
Notes, alexi and his guards will spawn at the first Small Timber you come across.
You no-good, backstabbing son-of-a-goat!
There can only be one CEO of Barov Industries and it will.As for you my peasant friend, you have served me well.Customer SupportService StatusTechnical SupportMac Technical SupportBug ReportPTR Discussion.1PTR Discussion.2PTR Discussion.2PTR DiscussionPTR Discussion.1.2PTR Discussion.2.2PTR Bug ReportPTR Bug Report.2PTR Bug Report.1PTR Bug Report.2PTR Bug Report.2.2PTR Bug Report.1.2Beta Test TestPatch.2.4 PTR Bug ReportPTR Discussion.0.3PTR Bug Report.Reduction in Force, level: 90 (Requires 90 alexi Barov.Rewards, you will receive: You will also receive: Level 90, additional Information.You will likely find him out in the wilds, near small timber.What I should have done is killed him the first chance I had.Description, i was a fool to trust him after the fiasco over the Barov family fortune!