Oh, and in case you missed it, this longread from a couple of months back seems eerily prescient in the light of this sh1tshow.
Cassinis Greatest Pics : It was announced this week that the Cassini spacecraft, which has been taking pictures of the cosmos for the past 20 years, will suicide itself in September this year as it will finally succumb to Saturns gravitational embrace.
Slightly reassuring, insofar as theres hope that the machines may find some use for us in the future.The Japanese Dovetail Joint may well be the most satisfying piece of video Ive seen all reduction pecheur com year.Buy one of these, sit it on your desk, fill it with little jellies and watch, mesmerised, as they pulsate around all over the place.Deep Colour : Input a line drawing, give the software some pointers as to what sort of colours youd like it to be, and be amazed as this website colourises the outline for you.Cars Second-order Consequences : Very smart piece by resultat concours interne cnrs Ben Evans exploring some of the broader economic and social outcomes that might be engendered by the advent of self-driving cars.Steve Buscemi meme to become so ubiquitous that it really should be retired for a while.Well, thats a bit grandiose - its more of a trailer for their next full-length film called Coco, but its a cute little vignette and the dog has a great spastic face, 12/10, great doggo: 4) This is the new one by Bjork, called Notget.But theyd written an extra line after that, where a Jazz trumpeter comes in and finishes his line with Rocket Science?

Weirdly nostalgic, and also SO old and arcane looking that you can probably set this to fullscreen and just leave it running while you tell IT that your PC is doing updates and slope off to the pub (youre welcome!).
Wild Therapy (Banijay Rights Crisis couples try surviving wilderness w an ex-Special Forces soldier?
Syma Toys X5c-1 Explorers 4 Ch Remote Control Quadcopter, 2015 Version 122.50, torr Toys Tamper.80 Mm Se - Tf Trapeze Sharp Edge-zebra Wood 1x Ims Basket.00, kid Toys Gift Shop Market Shopping Pretend Play Set 1x Toy Market 1x Instruction.24 16 Hot.THE section which IS going TO GO OUT oimb here AND suggest that mastodon IS NOT going TO kill twitter,.1: Mastodon : Right, lets get this out of the way now - apologies, it might take a *little* explaining.Joycestick : An interesting project looking to create an interactive, explorable 3d world inspired by Ulysses; its still in development so the sites mostly explainers and proof of concept stuff, but its worth a look if youre interested in how 3d/VR can be used.(I am increasingly of the opinion that noone at Twitter knows best).I would love to see a whole website dedicated to this sort of analysis, should anyone have a whole bunch of time and money they can devote to creating one.

The Style of the Decade : An interesting NYT piece on female fashion in the second decade of the millennium, which posits that the defining aesthetic trend of this 10-year period in womens fashion is the covering up of the female form, with a move.
Last UP IN THE music links, AN actual, honest-TO-goodness EMO record, BY sorority noise!
THE section which IS mostly just glad that pepsi apologised TO poor kendall: You Can Now Search Stories On Snapchat : Snapchats in-app discovery is still a total car-crash when it comes to actually finding people you know, or want to interact with, or indeed.