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The CSR I'd spoken with on the phone didn't mention this.
But that's the beauty of the unlocked phone: You're not tied to a single carrier for two whole years.
Streamers, go ahead and Binge.Apple, did you preorder a T-Mobile iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from Apple?(Note to anyone who might be porting a number from Virgin Mobile: You'll need to supply T-Mo with your Virgin Mobile account number, and the only way to get that number is to call, virgin Mobile.If you ordered a T-Mobile iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, share your activation story in the comments.Also, two reps at the store had no idea that T-Mobile's Simple Starter Plan (45/month for unlimited talk/text and 2GB of capped data) even existed.Did this coupon work for you?You can also call to take a stab at getting your phone activated by a CSR.

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It's 10 - but, oh, wait, it's "free with promo code freesim." (Thanks a lot, T-Mo store!
(After a Google search, I did find.Because I'm not currently a T-Mobile customer, I didn't have a SIM card I could just pop.After a 7-minute wait on hold, a heavily accented gent (who I could barely understand) told me, sure enough, I'd need to talk to the Prepaid Department, and transferred me over there.Talk to an expert.When I insisted it did (having seen it online they "found" the option and got me all signed.That's when it got really terrible.What the heck, T-Mo?There was no information in the box about activating the phone, creating a T-Mobile account, porting my current number, or anything else.Options for activation, new customers will need to buy a Nano SIM for the T-Mobile iPhone 6, even if it came with one.We went around and around like this for some time.