Finally, LycaMobile offer bundles that give you, for example, 250 UK mobile and landline minutes for 10 or 800 UK mobile and landline minutes for.
Once for every new calling destination number dialed with your Lyca Account you need to enter your 4-Digit Authentication PIN you received at the time of the first use.
Long distance service is provided by Lycatel - one of the most well-known and reliable European calling card service providers.
International texts start from 2p each and calls vary from 1p/minute to Europe to 4p/minute to the US and Canada.
We sell phone cards supplied by many long distance telephone companies and have no preferences about which phone card to sell.PayPoint is available at over 29,000 quick and convenient places across the.New customers will hear Account ID and 4-Digit PIN right after entering new Calling Card PIN at the time of account activation.UK mobiles are only breast reduction and lift procedure 10p per minute while UK texts are 9p each.Dial local access number from the list (only from the phone you used to setup your account) Hear your account balance.They offer incredible 1p/minute rates to tons of countries such as India, China, South Africa, Nigeria, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Egypt.They offer free minutes and texts when topping up but these only work to UK LycaMobile Plus numbers.

Coverage Summary 2G coverage: 99 3G coverage: 98 Coverage map LycaMobile runs on the Orange network but the new LycaMobile Plus tariff is only.
To place another call dial: # To redial press: #1 To add credit dial *3 and enter your new Lyca Recharge / Activation PIN (top-up voucher) For Speed-Dial and other options dial: After the first use :.
In actuality, you can call for a single 15p connection fee but the call can only last for 30 minutes otherwise youll start being charged the standard rate.
While the deal is still quite good, its not exactly free.
As you can see, its incredibly misleading to claim (in capitals, no less) that these calls are free.Of course though, the best aspect of the LycaMobile Plus tariff is found when looking at the international rates.Editorial Review: Lyca PIN-Less Calling Card provides accurate minute by minute billing with no extra fees or charges for any number of calls.You will need to enter this 4-Digit PIN once per every new calling destination number dialed with your Lyca Account.However, you should bear in mind that these are only the lowest rates most countries will cost a lot more.Liabilities are limited to the value of the phone card only.As a result, it has proved to be very popular amongst expatriate customers and signed.6 million UK customers in its first year.